• All storage rates are to be paid in advance for the minimum term of one month.
  • Access to your vehicle is permitted within our opening hours 5 days a week, with 24 hours’
    notice. Exceptions can be made with adequate notice, and will incur an ‘Out of Hours’ fee.
  • Golden Valley Automotive Ltd. will always endeavour to ensure your vehicle is safe. We
    offer storage solutions to help preserve your vehicle whilst in storage. However, we will not
    take liability for degradation to your vehicle whilst in storage, this includes battery life if it is
    not a trickle charger.
  • Should you choose to terminate your storage with Golden Valley Automotive Ltd. we ask
    for a minimum notice period of one month.
  • Golden Valley Automotive Ltd. is insured for the storage and liability of your vehicle whilst
    it is in our care up to the value of £150,000. Additional insurance cover is available at an
    additional cost. You are welcome to continue to insure your vehicle whilst in our care, with
    your own insurance policy.
  • Routine engine starting is offered to preserve the mechanics of your vehicle. This is for the
    purpose of convenience only. This does not guarantee the mechanical welfare of your
  • The whereabouts of our storage facility is kept discreet, and we ask that you maintain this
    confidentiality to preserve our security.
  • Any parts, wheels/tyres, tools, accessories must be stored within your vehicle, unless you
    have discussed storage racking with us.
  • Servicing, maintenance, and repairs are not permitted in the storage facility.
  • We understand that you may wish to take your vehicle away for an extended period of
    time, whilst retaining your storage space. If your vehicle is going to out of storage for more
    than 2 months, and wish to retain your storage space whilst away. Fees are reduced to
    50% during this time.
  • You will be required to vacate the premises if you fail to adhere to these terms and

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